Vés enrere Lab technician/manager position at the Evolutionary and Functional Genomics Lab (Deadline: 9th February)


Lab technician/manager position at the Evolutionary and Functional Genomics Lab

Application deadline: 9th February 2024 

Reference: Lab tech position

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The laboratory technician will be part of a team of two postdoctoral researchers and one laboratory technician, carrying out a research project that aims to understanding the molecular mechanisms underlying gene-environment associations in the context of the current global change. The team will identify and characterize gene-environment associations in Drosophila melanogaster natural populations using both bioinformatic and experimental approaches. Whole genome sequences from natural populations collected mainly in Europe, US and Africa will be available at the start of the project, while other -omics datasets will be produced during the course of the project.

The laboratory technician will be responsible for general wet-lab duties, including DNA/RNA extractions, PCRs, running gels, DNA cloning, as well as fly stock maintenance. The lab technician/manager will also be involved in project management duties such as contacting vendors and placing orders, as well as management of the citizen science project, associated with the research project, including communication with teachers and policy makers, and organization of meetings and events. 

Send your CV and a brief letter of motivation explaining qualifications and interest in the position to Dr. Josefa González at [email protected]. Please include “Lab tech position” in your e-mail subject by February 9th 2024 CET.