Science at Christmas

On the occasion of Human+ exhibition, the CCCB brings together four experts in many different disciplines such as robotics, sustainability, synthetic biology or science-fiction in order to remember how literature and science fiction have imagined the future of our species, and discover what is drawing new futures science today.

Employing electricity principles in genetic engineering

In this paper IBE scientists demonstrate how genes are indirectly coupled. Carbonell-Ballestero M, Garcia-Ramallo E, Montañez R, Rodriguez-Caso C, and Macía J (2015). Dealing with the genetic load in bacterial synthetic biology circuits: convergences with the Ohm's law. Nucleic Acids Research

Arcadi Navarro participates in a scientific coffee about the human genome

Deciphering the human genome has represented the access to privileged information of each one of us. Many research projects use it to progress in the knowledge of disease. Barcelona hosts the European Genome-phenome Archive that comprises genetic data from research projects around the world.

The mystery of the Elkayce cogina butterfly

IBE researchers leaded by Roger Vila and Gerard Talvera reveal that a tiny butterfly living in Brazil has its origin in Asia. Ref. Art.: Talavera G, Kaminski LA, Freitas AVL, and Vila R (2015). One-note samba: the biogeographical history of the relict Brazilian butterfly Elkalyce cogina. Journal of Biogeography 

Scientists consider the boundaries in artificial intelligence research at the CCCB

ICREA collaborates with the CCCB in order to inform the general public about the advances being made in high-level research in Catalonia. Arcadi Navarro, will raise the benefits that intelligence has given to the human species on its conference " Intelligence as evolution strategy".

Adapting to -70 degrees in Siberia: a tale of Yakutian horses

In less than 800 years Yakutian horses adapted to the extremely cold temperatures found in the environments of eastern Siberia. Ref. Art.: Librado P et al. (2015). Tracking the origins of Yakutian horses and the genetic basis for their fast adaptation to subarctic environments. PNAS

BioCloud, a new startup with IBE participation

A new startup has been created with the participation of Guillem Ylla, PhD student at Prof Xavier Bellés lab, as Chief Executive Officer (CEO). BioCloud aims to provide cloud solutions for bioinformatic challenges.

Los europeos empezaron a digerir la leche en la edad adulta hace 4.000 años

Un equipo internacional con participación de Carles Lalueza-Fox ha determinado los genes más frecuentes en los europeos en los últimos 8.000 años. Iain Mathieson et al. Genome-wide patterns of selection in 230 ancient Eurasians. Nature

Joves estudiants i un premi Nobel, junts en un congrés científic

250 joves estudiants es trobaran amb científics de primera línia, incloent un Premi Nobel, per parlar de ciència. Els estudiants presentaran els seus projectes, en format xerrada o pòster. Aquest congrés, obert al públic, està organitzat per la plataforma “La ciència al teu món”.

$8M Awarded to Scientists from the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation

The awardees include Iñaki Ruiz-Trillo and Elena Casacuberta from the Institute of Evolutionary Biology. They will receive over 110.00$ to develop experimental model systems in marine microbial ecology. The project will search for new methods to introduce DNA into several marine microbes.


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