In this section you will find information on:

Open National and International Competitive Calls Related to the incorporation of Human Resources to Research Centres (Predoctoral and Postdoctoral fellowships, Technical positions etc.) and also information related to specific positions open at IBE.

You will also find information on the Research groups interested in presenting candidates to each Call and information and links on the research groups where specific positions are offered.    


Predoctoral scholarship in Population Genetics

An FPI Ph. D. scholarship is available within the "Population genomics and demographic history of the Roma (Gypsy) populations" project, in the Population Genetics Program, Institute of Evolutionary Biology (CSIC-UPF), Barcelona.

Candidates should have a strong background in population genetics and bioinformatics. Familiarity with the Linux environment, one or more programming languages, and R are desirable. Candidates must be organized, level-headed,
focused team players.

To learn more about the IBE and the research groups were the successful candidate will integrate, please visit,, and

Feel free to contact Francesc Calafell ( for further details.

Candidates should send a CV and the contact details for two references
to Francesc Calafell ( before July 15th, 2017.



Convocatoria Empleo Joven CSIC 2017

Aquellas personas inscritas en el fichero del Sistema Nacional de Garantía Juvenil, podrán presentarse a los dos siguientes puestos:

  • Técnico de mantenimiento de instalaciones comunes (Ref. C17_CAT_IBE_002)

    Funciones: Mantenimiento general de espacios e instalaciones, labores de carpintería, pintura, cambio de filtros, etc. Obras de albañilería. Equipos e instalaciones electrotécnicas. Montaje e instalación de instalaciones de frio, climatización y producción de calor.  Traslado de equipos de laboratorio, adecuación de espacios según necesidades

    Titulación requerida: Técnico Superior de actividades técnicas y profesionales familia instalación y mantenimiento


  • Técnico de Soporte unidad técnicas experimentales (Ref. C17_CAT_IBE_001)

    Funciones: Técnico de soporte a la unidad de técnicas experimentales del instituto. Preparación Medios de cultivo, mantenimiento colonia insectos, preparación de papilla drosophila melanogaster, autoclavado de material, etc.

    Titulación requerida: Grado o licenciatura en Biología, Biologia humana, biología ambiental, Biomedicina básica y experimental,  Bioquímica, Bioquímica y biología humana, Biotecnología.


Fecha límite para presentar solicitudes 16 de Junio de 2017. Más información: link.



Comunication manager for the Institute of Evolutionary Biology (Ref: IBE2017_communication)

We are looking for a professional profile with experience and in-depth knowledge of scientific communication skills to led the IBE communication and outreach unit.  The position will be filled as soon as possible. More information at link.  Deadline for applicants 20st June 2017. More informataion: link.

Postdoctoral fellowship in human evolutionary genomics

We are seeking a post-doc to work with human genome data in an evolutionary perspective. The candidate will work in a new project (whole genomes and SNP arrays) with data from hunter-gatherer populations with demographic and natural selection analyses and will collaborate with ongoing projects of detecting selection in sets of genomes from other populations. The position will be filled as soon as possible, no later than September 2017. More informataion: link.