Atrás The Insect Reproduction Lab featured in <i>Ellipse</i>

The Insect Reproduction Lab featured in Ellipse

IBE has a special spot in November’s issue of the monthly newspaper of the PRBB. Page 2 includes a feature on the research undertaken by the Insect Reproduction Lab of the IBE, which is led by Maria Dolors Piulachs. The feature is entitled Why do the same genes do different things?, and it can be read here.



The genome of the Blattella germanica is more similar to that of vertebrates than the genome of the fruit fly Drosophila. In addition, while the fruit fly is the most modified of all insects, the cockroach is one of the least altered, or most basic. This makes it interesting to compare them and try and understand how they have evolved. “What matters is understanding how an organism works, seeing how it differs from others, and knowing why the same genes do such different things”, the researcher states.

As highlighted in the feature, the global cockroach research community is very small, and the Institute has four groups who work on the Blattella germanica species. These groups are the Evolution of Insect Metamorphosis Lab, led by Xavier Bellés; the Nutritional signals in Insects Lab, led by José Luis Maestro; the Evolution and Developmental Biology, led by David Martín and Xavier Franch, and Piulachs’.

“You could say that Barcelona is Blatella central”, Piulachs says.

Read the feature here.



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