The application of phylogenetic and genomic analyses to the study of animal biodiversity and evolution, with a specific focus on mammals, is the main goal of the Phylogeny and Phylogeography of Mammals lab. Using next-generation sequencing techniques and advanced bioinformatics tools, the population divergence and speciation process in different species complexes are analysed in order to obtain a better description of our biological diversity. These modern methodologies are also used to study kinship relationships and connectivity between populations in some species of great conservation importance, such as the Pyrenean desman.

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Rodríguez-Prieto, A.; Igea, J.; and Castresana, J. 2014. Development of Rapidly Evolving Intron Markers to Estimate Multilocus Species Trees of Rodents. Plos One 9 (5):e96032

Igea, J.;  Aymerich, P.; Fernández-Gonzalez, A.; González-Esteban, J.; Gomez, A.; Alonso, R.; Gosálbez, J.; Castresana, J. 2013. Phylogeography and postglacial expansion of the endangered semi-aquatic mammal Galemys pyrenaicusBMC Evolutionary Biology. 13 (1):115

Soria-Carrasco, V.; Castresana, J.  2012. Diversification rates and the latitudinal gradient of diversity in mammals. Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 279: 4148-4155.

Soria-carrasco, V. ; Castresana, J. 2011. Patterns of mammalian diversification in recent evolutionary times: global tendencies and methodological issuesJournal of Evolutionary Biology 24:2611-2623 

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