This lab’s main line of research at present focuses on the understanding of natural selection and adaptation in humans and primates through the comparative analysis of genomes. Its purpose is to understand complex adaptations through genome-wide analyses of the footprints that natural selection has left in genomes and attempt to place selection in a functional molecular framework of molecular pathways. The Evolutionary Systems Biology Lab is studying differential adaptation among human populations, including several African populations, Roma (as compared to Romanians and Indians) and in Chimpanzees. It has launched a project with the analysis of the haploid sequences of several individuals from all known groups of Southeast Asian pygmies.

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Jaume Bertranpetit Busquets

Bertranpetit Busquets, Jaume
Emeritus UPF Professor
Evolutionary Systems Biology

Nerea Moreno Ruiz

Moreno Ruiz, Nerea
Scientific Support Personnel
Evolutionary Systems Biology

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