Year after year, the Institute of Evolutionary Biology opens its doors to share its research with a general audience.

Last year, the IBE participated with a workshop on Human Population Evolution, a talk on Big Data and a Gender Workshop during the PRBB OpenDay, celebrated on the 5th October and with the participation of all centres at the PRBB.

More than 400 attendees participated in these activites, and together with the rest of the PRBB centres, the OpenDay closed its doors with an attendance of 1500 people.

IBE researchers also opened its doors at the CMIMA building, where half of its researchers work. Together with the ICM crew, IBE researchers showed several laboratories to an oudience of primary and secondary school students. During the morning of 13 and 14 of november, more than 160 students visited our laboratories and had a closer look to the evolutionary biology research.

You can see the photos of the OpenDay here and here.

If you are interested in future IBE Open Days, please contact the Communication and Outreach Unit ([email protected]).