The IBE student commision is an organization formed by all PhD and Master students conducting research at IBE. It was created in 2012 to provide the IBE student community with a forum for students to share their experience and express their worries, and also to actively contribute to our doctoral training, and to ensure adequate working conditions for current and future students.

Our mission:

  • Representation, to be a common voice for the student community
  • Integration, by establishing active communication channels within the different areas of the institute and introducing new student to the institute, its members and its organization
  • Participation, enhancing active participation in the institute's activities and taking part in some of the institute's decisions
  • Education, by organizing courses, book/journal clubs, seminars, and symposia
  • Cohesion, by organizing leisure activities
  • Well-being, by ensuring adequate work conditions

The IBE Student Group holds regular monthly meetings, and has two student representatives (elected annually, gender-balanced). IBE Student Group Representatives: Xavier Martí & Alba Nieto


Social Activities Group

The IBE Social Activities Group is formed by a group of volunteers among PhD students conducting research at IBE. It was created in 2022 to provide IBE’s young employees with a space to meet each other, disconnect from the daily routine, and unite the CMIMA building and PRBB building IBE communities.

Our mission:

  • Integration, by providing new members the opportunity to meet the IBE community
  • Cohesion, by acting as a bridge between the CMIMA and PRBB IBE communities, promoting the creation of spaces and events to meet the people and the research at both buildings with the aim of generating synergies and collaborations
  • Well-being, by organizing activities that make the workplace a friendly and comfortable environment.

The IBE Social Activities Group holds regular meetings and organizes one activity each two months. If you want to participate in the organization or propose any activity, you can contact the group by sending an email to the student representatives: Xavier Martí & Alba Nieto

The activities that have been proposed for 2023 are diverse and cover different areas that are of interest for IBE’s young researchers. The activities have been classified according to their main focus, some of them are:


  • Cineforum
  • Scientific photography competition
  • Scientific illustration competition


  • IBE gymkana
  • Ping-pong tournament
  • Volleyball tournament
  • Hiking trip


  • Board games session
  • Calçotada
  • Treasure hunt


  • Hot-topics
  • PhD day
  • IBE’s pint of science
  • Guided museum visits


  • Fundraiser breakfast