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The research carried out by this lab aims at understanding the mechanisms that regulate insect oogenesis. The model used is Blattella germanica, an insect with a panoistic ovary type, which is the most primitive ovary type among insects. This lab studies the expression of the genes involved in the main signalling pathways and its regulation by hormones and by the small non-coding RNA that modulates them. The comparison of these results with those already described in other, more modified insect species, suggests that some functions are preserved in evolution, although the regulation of these functions could have changed.

Lab website: Insect Reproduction Lab

Investigadora principal

Maria Dolors Piulachs Bagà

Piulachs Bagà, Maria Dolors
CSIC Research Scientist
Insect Reproduction Lab

Miembros del grupo

Jorge Escudero Ruíz

Escudero Ruíz, Jorge
Scientific support personnel
Insect Reproduction Lab

Núria Farrús Bartolo

Farrús Bartolo, Núria
Predoctoral Researcher
Nutricional signals in Insects Lab

Alfonso Ferrandez Roldan

Ferrandez Roldan, Alfonso
Juan de la Cierva Researcher
Insect Reproduction

David Pujal Bau

Pujal Bau, David
Scientic Support Personnel
Nutritional signals in Insects

Proyectos en curso


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