The goal of this lab is to understand the origin of animal multicellularity from a unicellular ancestor. To this end, the genomes of animals’ closest unicellular relatives are obtained in order to perform comparative and functional genomics. Moreover, the Multicellgenome lab is working on the development of genetic tools in two close unicellular relatives of animals with the purpose of establishing them as model organisms for addressing the origin of Metazoa. This will enable the elucidation of the ancestral function of the genes involved in multicellularity and offer insight into how they were co-opted.

Lab website: Multicellgenome Lab

Elena Casacuberta Suñer

Casacuberta Suñer, Elena
CSIC Tenured Scientist

Iñaki Ruiz Trillo

Ruiz Trillo, Iñaki
ICREA Research Professor
Multicell Genome Lab

Marta Álvarez Presas

Álvarez Presas, Marta
ComFuturo Postdoctoral Research
Multicellgenome Lab

Meritxell Antó Subirats

Antó Subirats, Meritxell
Laboratory technician
Multicell Genome Lab

Fernando José Bascón Cortés

Bascón Cortés, Fernando José
Predoctoral Research
Evolution of the Eukaryote Genome Lab

Gonzalo Bercedo Saborido

Bercedo Saborido, Gonzalo
Predoctoral Researcher
Multicellgenome Lab


Postdoctoral Researcher
Multicellgenome Lab

Nick Brown

Brown, Nick
Visiting Researcher from University of Cambridge

Marina Carmona Rivas

Carmona Rivas, Marina
Predoctoral Researcher
Multicellgenome Lab

Lizbeth Joselin Cobos Delgado

Cobos Delgado, Lizbeth Joselin
Laboratory technician
Multicellgenome Lab

Rosana Cortés Garrido

Cortés Garrido, Rosana
Scientific Support Personnel
Multicellgenome Lab

Blai Crespo Selma

Crespo Selma, Blai
Undergraduate Student

Jennah Elizabeth Dharamshi

Dharamshi, Jennah Elizabeth
Multicellgenome Lab

Ruben Gonzalez Miguens

Gonzalez Miguens, Ruben
Postdoctoral Researcher

Alicia Jimenez Valadez

Jimenez Valadez, Alicia
Master student


Postdoctoral Researcher
Multicell Genome Lab

Victoria Shabardina

Shabardina, Victoria
Postdoctoral Researcher
Evolution of the Eukaryote Genome Lab

Patricia Suarez Ara

Suarez Ara, Patricia
Scientific Support Personnel
Multicell Genome Lab


Postdoctoral Researcher
Multicellgenome Lab

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