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IBE at Barcelona Science Festival

One more year the IBE participates in the Barcelona Science Festival. This year, it does it with a tree-scape activity (Discover the secrets of the tree of life) and participating in a debate about Planetary Wellbeing with other PRBB centers.




On October 26 and 27, a new meeting with science, technology, knowledge and culture awaits you at the moll de la fusta. The 13th edition of the Science Festival will take almost 200 activities distributed in 26 spaces to bring the research done in Barcelona and its area of ​​influence.

This year, IBE participates on Saturday and Sunday with activities related to evolutionary biology and planetary wellbeing. Here is a list of the activities:

Discover the secrets of the tree of life

Did you know that humans share more than 70% of our genome with fungi? Can you imagine what our closest evolutionary relatives are? Find out how much you know about evolution and diversity by playing to complete the tree of life and discovering some of our evolutionary relatives.

Activity Type: Demonstration, Game

Recommended age: +8 years

Space: 18. Research

Scope: Health

Núria Ros i Rocher, Pau Balart, Bernat Burriel, Aleksandra Kozyczkowska, Michelle Leger and Pilar Rodríguez, Institute of Evolutionary Biology (IBE, UPF-CSIC), and Aurora García-Berro, studying for a Master in Bioinformatics (UAB).

Duration: 30 min

Date and time

11:00, 11:35, 12:10


Planetary Wellbeing

Debate. +16 years. 45 min

We cannot understand human, animal and planetary well-being separately. The one depends on the other; if we ignore a part of it, we will be neglecting the rest. That is why we must face current threats and challenges from a collective point of view, embracing the different scientific disciplines.

With Gabriel Rech (IBE, UPF-CSIC), Liudmila Liutsko (ISGlobal) and Raúl Montañez (DCEXS-UPF, IBE).

Date and time

Saturday: 5pm


This weekend, come to the Science Party to have fun, experiment, debate and discover that all people are geniuses!



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