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FECYT renews IBE's designation as Scientific Culture and Innovation Unit (UCC+i)

FECYT renews IBE's designation as Scientific Culture and Innovation Unit (UCC+i)

With this accreditation, the FECYT recognizes the work for the dissemination of science of all member institutions. The recognition will be valid until December 2022.



The Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology (FECYT) has granted the IBE the designation of Scientific Culture and Innovation Unit (UCC+i) in recognition of its informative and educative task. Therefore, the Institute will continue to be an accredited member of the UCC+i Network that integrates about 80 organizations throughout Spain.

The IBE has a communication and dissemination unit that plans and executes numerous dissemination and scientific communication actions throughout the year, with the aim of bringing research in evolutionary biology to citizens. Examples are IBE's course of evolutionary biology for educators, as well as participation in the Science Week, or the International Day of Women and Girls in Science and its task communicating the scientific discoveries of its research teams.

Through the Scientific Network Communication platform (ComCiRed), members of the UCC+i Network can establish contact, exchange communication and scientific communication practices and contents, and request joint dissemination projects. In addition, all members can participate in the annual ComCiRed meeting with the rest of members of the UCC+i network.





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