Scientists describe a novel algorithm to genotype Variable Tandem Repeats

These findings highlight the potential contribution of TRs to human evolution through gene regulation. Ref. Art.: Bilgin Sonay T, Carvalho T, et al (2015). Tandem repeat variation in human and great ape populations and its impact on gene expression divergence. Genome Research

Tomàs Marquès Bonet participates in a NIH-funded study about autism

The National Institutes of Health will fund a project focused on the genetic mutations in the neurons of patients with autism. The other partners of the consortium are Nenad Sestan (Yale School of Medicine), and Christopher Walsh and Peter Park (Harvard Medical School). Text in Catalan.

Gene deletions and duplications reveal our genetic storyline

By looking closely at DNA variation across a vast number of human populations, researchers now have a better idea of the genetic mechanism behind ethnic diversity. Ref. Art.: Sudmant PH, ..., Comas D, ..., Eichler EE (2015). Global diversity, population stratification, and selection of human CNV. Science.

Jaume Bertranpetit receives the Narcís Monturiol Medal

First given by the Catalan Government in 1982, these awards recognize the contribution of Catalan organisations and authorities to the fields of science and technology. This year there are a total of 16 awardees.

Les noves tècniques de seqüenciació d'ADN milloren l'estudi genètic de restes òssies de la guerra civil espanyola

F. Casals, cap del Servei de Genòmica de la UPF; J. Bertranpetit i F. Calafell, investigadors de l'IBE, i A. Malgosa, investigadora de la UAB, han presentat un estudi pioner de genètica forense de les restes d'una fossa comuna de la guerra civil.

DNA suggests that the diversity of European butterflies could be seriously underestimated

Scientists have obtained the DNA sequences of the 228 known butterfly species in the Iberian peninsula and compared it to available data for Europe. Ref. Art.: Dinca, V., et al (2015) DNA barcode reference library for Iberian butterflies enables a continental -scale preview of potential cryptic diversity. Sci Rep

Images from the Mind

Researchers at the IBE collaborated in the development of a Brain-Computer Interface that reconstructs images with the mind, using electro- encephalography signals. Seoane LF, Gabler S & Blankertz B (2015). Images from the mind: BCI image evolution based on rapid serial visual presentation of polygon primitives. Brain-Computer Interfaces

Natural mutation found in flies confers them with a faster developmental time

This insertion was first hypothesized to be adaptive to temperate environments. Ref. art.: Ullastres A, Petit N, González J (2015). Exploring the Phenotypic Space and the Evolutionary History of a Natural Mutation in Drosophila melanogaster. Molecular Biology and Evolution

Discovery of new genes that may explain why insects are the most evolutionarily successful group of organisms

Eglps may have favored the appearance of the pupal stage in the life cycle of insects. Finn RN, Chauvigné F, Stavang JA, Belles X & Cerdà J. 2015. Insect glycerol transporters evolved by functional co-option and gene replacement. Nat Comms

Studying the sexual maturation of cockroaches

The tergal gland is a structure exclusive of adult male cockroaches that produces substances attractive to the female. Ref. Art.: Belles X, Ylla G (2015). Towards understanding the molecular basis of cockroach tergal gland morphogenesis. A transcriptomic approach. Insect Biochem Mol Biol


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