Chasing butterflies in Southern Italy

Last week, Roger Vila and colleagues from IBE (CSIC-UPF), travelled across gorgeous italian landscapes to study and collect butterflies, in order to discover and describe their still largely unknown diversity. The trip was part of the Butterfly Week, a research initiative that involves researchers and citizens.

Gerard Talavera expedition in Chad featured at National Geographic

"Collecting Butterflies in Chad", a picture of Gerard Talavera collecting butterflies in Chad and taken by Roger Vila, has been featured in the section "Explorer Moment of the Day" of National Geographic.

Populations in eastern Africa have a very rich genetic diversity

They found a common origin for most Nilo-Saharan speaking groups. Ref. Art.: Dobon B, Hassan HY, Laayouni H, [5 autors], Comas D, Netea MG, and Bertranpetit J (2015). The genetics of East African populations: a Nilo-Saharan component in the African genetic landscape. Scientific Reports


Cockroaches can help us understand developmental processes

Scientist have studied the EGFR signaling pathway in the ovaries of cockroaches. Ref. Art.: Elshaer N, and Piulachs, MD. (2015) Crosstalk of EGFR signalling with Notch & Hippo pathways to regulate cell specification, migration & proliferation in cockroach panoistic ovaries. Biology of the Cell

Origin and evolution of lysyl oxidases

New study provides a taxon-wide evolutionary analysis of LOX, a key enzyme in for the extracellular matrix. Scientists show that LOXs have a pre-animal ancestry, being present already in archaea and bacteria. Ref. Art.: Grau-Bové, X., Ruiz-Trillo, I., Rodriguez-Pascual, E. (2015). Origin and evolution of lysyl oxidases. Scientific Reports.

Codes that changed the world: evolution or revolution?

Is cultural evolution similar to biological evolution? That is the question posed by the authors of an article published on 20 May by researchers at the IBE. Ref. Art.: Valverde S, Solé RV (2015). Punctuated Equilibrium in the Large-Scale Evolution of Programming Languages. J. R. Soc. Interface

Robots that have evolved their own language

Luc Steels conducted the first large-scale experiment that entailed communication between humans and robots. Now, publishes The Talking Heads Experiment: origins of words and meanings, the book that describes in detail the results of the experiment.

Analyzing the bacteria in leaf beetles' guts

Scientists have characterized the bacterial diversity present in the guts of 5 related species of leaf beetles. Ref. Art.: Montagna M, Gomez-Zurita J, Giorgi A, Epis S, Lozzia G, and Bandi C (2015). Metamicrobiomics in herbivore beetles of the genus Cryptocephalus: toward the understanding of ecological determinants in insect symbiosis. Insect Science

Applying mathematics to cancer biology

Cancer is a complex disease and thus is complicated to model. However, simple models can give us clues about cancer behavior, allowing us to make predictions. Ref. Art.: Castillo V, Lázaro JT, and Sardanyés J (2015). Dynamics and bifurcations in a simple quasispecies model of tumorigenesis. Computational & Applied Mathematics

IBE featured at Lab24 TV programme

The IBE and its director, Xavier Bellés, were the main characters of the Lab24 TV programme on Monday 6th of June. Every week, the programme focuses in the research lines perfomed at one Spanish insitute. You can watch the programme again on the channel website. Lab24 is a programme of the Canal 24 of the TVE.


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