Leptidea butterflies have multiple sex chromosomes

Roger Vila's group has studied the sex determination system of these butterflies. Ref. Art.: Šíchová J, Voleníková A, Dincă V, Nguyen P, Vila R, Sahara K, and Marec F (2015). Dynamic karyotype evolution & unique sex determination systems in Leptidea wood white butterflies. BMC Evol Biol

When Red Natura it is not enough

Scientists found no differences in the levels of representation between protected species and those which are not. Ref.Art.: Lison F, Sanchez-Fernandez D, and Calvo JF (2015). Are species listed in the Annex II of the Habitats Directive better represented in Natura 2000 network than the remaining species? A test using Spanish bats. Biodiversity and Conservation

Positive selection in the human protein-protein interaction network

The relationship between centrality and the impact of adaptive evolution highly depends on the evolutionary time-scale. Ref. Art.: Luisi P, Alvarez-Ponce D, Pybus M, Fares M, Bertranpetit J*, and Laayouni H* (2015). Positive selection in the human protein-protein interaction network. Genome Biology and Evolution

IBE participates in MedBioinformatics

3.5M euros to develop bioinformatics tools that facilitate translational research and personalized medicine in oncology and neuropsychiatry. The applications that will be developed in the MedBioinformatics project will focus on oncology and neuropsychiatry, which have a big impact on the health and welfare of the population.

IBE hosts the 2015 EMBO Young Investigator Meeting

The annual EMBO Young Investigator Meeting provides a forum for the members of the programme to network and exchange ideas. Young Investigators present their research and informal discussions give the opportunity to exchange ideas on scientific or general interest topics.

Great tit: urban vs forest birds

Urban birds took significantly less time to approach novel objects than the forest birds. Ref. Art.: Riyahi S, Sánchez-Delgado M, Calafell F, Monk D, Senar JC (2015). Combined epigenetic and intraspecific variation of the DRD4 and SERT genes influence novelty seeking behavior in great tit Parus major. Epigenetics

IBE offers 2 JAE fellowships

The fellowships are directed to Master students and are tenable for 2 consecutive months (September-October or October-November 2015). Find us in the área "Biología y biomedicina" and "Recursos Naturales" areas. Deadline for applications is 25th May.

Origin, conservation and diversification of IP3R

The study provides an evolutionary framework of two of the major Ca2+ channels, IP3 receptors and ryanodine receptors. Ref. Art.: Alzayady KJ, Sebé-Pedrós A, [...], Ruiz-Trillo I, Yule DI (2015). Tracing the Evolutionary History of IP3R: Insights from Analyses of Capsaspora owczarzaki Ca2+ Release Channel Orthologs. Molecular Biology and Evolution

BEE DEVICES and other curious observations

Opening event on the 7th of May at 18.00h at the Hall of CMIMA - Pg. Marítim de la Barceloneta 39-47; 08003 Barcelona. Beverages will be served during the event and we will be offered a welcome discourse by Anna Omedes, director of the Natural Sciences Museum of Barcelona.

Mathematical model for genetically-driven Red Queen dynamics

A deep investigation of the chaotic regime. Ref. Art.: Duarte J, Rodrigues C, Januario C, Martins N, and Sardanyes J (2015). How complex, probable, and predictable is genetically driven Red Queen chaos?. Acta Biotheoretica


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