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Del 04/10/2010 fins a 25/10/2010
Sala d' Actes residencia Investigadors del CSIC a Catalunya. Coordinació per part de Xavier Bellés i inclou una xerrada de Jesús Gómez-Zurita.

Jornada de Biodiversidad en Acción

Aunque el ritmo de extinciones de especies se ha acelerado en los últimos años, las fuerzas de la naturaleza, la selección natural y la evolución están generando constantemente biodiversidad. Y entender las situaciones y los mecanismos que producen biodiversidad es fundamental para conservarla. Este es el denominador común de las conferencias que pronunciarán durante la Jornada diferentes investigadores del Institut de Biologia Evolutiva (CSIC-UPF).

Symposium 1-2 October Barcelona: Frontiers in Biodiversity a phylogenetic perspective

A two-day international symposium on frontier biodiversity research in a phylogenetic framework in Barcelona, Spain, October 1st and 2nd, 2010. This symposium is co-organized by the Biodiversity Research Institute of the University of Barcelona (IrBio), the Institute of Evolutionary Biology (IBE, CSIC-UPF) and the Zoological Systematics and Evolution research group on the occasion of the International year of Biodiversity.

Latest IBE publication

Uncovering mechanisms that regulate ecdysone production is an important step toward understanding the regulation of insect metamorphosis and processes in steroid-related pathologies. David Martin and colleagues report here the transcriptome analysis of Drosophila melanogaster dAda2a and dAda3 mutants, in which subunits of the ATAC acetyltransferase complex are affected. Pankotai, et al. 2010. Genes of the ecdysone biosynthesis pathway are regulated by the dATAC histone acetyltransferase complex in Drosophila. Molecular and Cellular Biology 30: 4254-4266.


Reseña artículo E. Bosch

The human FOXI1 gene codes for a transcription factor involved in the physiology of the inner ear, testis, and kidney. Using three interspecies comparisons, it has been suggested that this may be a gene under human-specific selection.



"Resolución de conflictos, consolación y empatía en primates"
Wednesday, September 22nd, 2010, ***18:00 pm***



PRBB Open Day 2010

The third Open Day attracted a very diverse, motivated and interested public to the Charles Darwin square and the PRBB building. The public queued patiently to get into the multimedia installations and to sign up to guided tours. Meanwhile, the volunteers were rushed off their feet dealing with questions, drawing up lists for tours or doing experiments and playing games with the children. The inside of the building was a hive of activity with groups of the public, accompanied by guides, following routes during which researchers explained how their labs work, their research projects or how to use a piece of equipment.


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