Effects of the Prestige oil spill, a 10-year study

The length of the time series needed to cover the entire range of variation is critical. Aragón P, Sánchez-Fernández D, Abellán P, and Varela S (2015). Effects of temporal bias on the assessment of an ecological perturbation: a case study of the Prestige oil spill. Environmental Research Letters 

New results highlight the Levant region as an important center of speciation

The study shows the occurrence of high levels of undescribed diversity within the genus. Ref. Art.: Tamar K, Carranza S, et al (2015). Hidden rela- tionships and genetic diversity: Molecular phylo- geny and phylogeography of the Levantine lizards of the genus Phoenicolacerta. Mol Phylogenet Evol. 

No major genetic factor could explain poor influenza A course

While most patients affected by the influenza A(H1N1) pandemic experienced mild symptoms, a small fraction required hospitalization. Ref. Art.: Garcia-Etxebarria K, [11 authors], Calafell F. No Major Host Genetic Risk Factor Contributed to A(H1N1) 2009 Influenza Severity. PLoS ONE

A new tool based on virus and microbe interactions to analyze bipartite networks

The team has developed BiMat, an open source MATLAB package for the study of the structure of bipartite ecological networks. Ref. Art.: Flores CO, Poisot T, Valverde S, and Weitz JS. BiMat: a MATLAB package to facilitate the analysis of bipartite networks. Methods Ecol Evol. 2015

The dominance effect of a certain mutation is background specific

These results add to the few studies in which the dominance effect of adaptive mutations has been empirically estimated. Ref. Art.: The dominance effect of the adaptive transposable element insertion Bari-Jheh depends on the genetic back- ground. Guio L, González J. 2015. Genome Biol Evol

Scientists decipher the nature of the last common ancestor of animals, fungi and other unicellular organisms

Reference article: Phylogenomics reveals convergent evolution of lifestyles in close relatives of animals and fungui. G. Torruella, A. de Mendoza, X. Grau-Bové, [9 authors], A. Sitja-Bobadilla, S. Donachie, and I. Ruiz-Trillo. Current Biology

Differences in protein expression in response to temperature in diving beetles

Beetles change their protein expression to adapt to thermal changes. Ref. Art.: A Hidalgo-Galiana, M Monge, DG Biron, F Canals, I Ribera and A Cieslak (2015). Protein expression parallels thermal tolerance and ecologic changes in the diversification of a diving beetle species complex. Heredity

First ancient genome recovered from the Mediterranean area

The research team has sequenced the complete genome of a Neolithic woman from a tooth dated in 7400 years. Ref.Art.:Olalde I, [18 authors], and Lalueza-Fox C (21025). A common genetic origin for early farmers from Mediterranean Cardial and Central European LBK cultures. Mol Biol Evol

A closer look to Riodinidae butterflies

The family is ~96 My old and has ~1500 species (8% of all butterflies). It exhibits the greatest variation in wing shape, color and pattern in any butterfly family. Espeland M, et al (2015). Ancient Neotropical origin and recent recolonisation: Phylogeny, biogeography and diversification of the Riodinidae. Mol Phylogenet Evol

Epigenetics helps to better understand human evolution from apes

Methylated regions are far from the promoters and tend to be enriched for human specific single point mutations. Ref. Art.: Hernando-Herraez I, [7 authors], Marques-Bonet T (2015). The interplay between DNA methylation and sequence divergence in recent human evolution. NAR


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