In memoriam: Johannes Engelken

Johannes was a postdoctoral researcher in the Evolutionary Population Genetics Lab between 2010 and 2013. He passed away on Friday 23rd October 2015. Although he is not anymore among us, his memories will live on.

Synthetic biology as a tool to prevent anthropogenic effects on the environment

Ricard Solé is the author of a scientific article that considers the use of synthetic biology in order to counteract anthropogenic effects on our planet. Solé RV, Montañez R, Duran-Nebreda S (2015). Synthe- tic circuits design for terraformation. Biology Direct

Hormonal regulation of insect metamorphosis

A new reivew by Xavier Bellés for a non-specialist audience has been published at Investigación y Ciencia (in Spanish). He explains that the hormones responsible for this process are controlled by a complex network of reactions. Recently, an even finer level of control of this molecular system has been discovered.

Xavier Bellés is elected Secretary of the Biology Section of the Royal Academy of Science & Arts of Barcelona

The aim of RACAB is to act as a promoter and point of reference in the cultural arena and for catalan society in all that is relevant to the Applied Arts.

The Dr. Margarita Metallinou Postdoctoral Travel Award

The American Society for the Study of Amphibians and Reptiles (SSAR) has established an endowment fund in honour of Margarita Metallinou.

After 100 years in captivity, a look at the world's last truly wild horses

IBE researchers participate in a study that reports that in spite of a breeding programme based on less than 15 individuals the population is genetically divers. Ref. Art.:  Der Sarkissian C, et al(2015). Evolutionary Genomics and Conservation of the Endangered Przewalski’s Horse. Current Biology

Deciphering the genetic origins of Romanies

Roma groups show lower genetic diversity and high heterogeneity compared with non-Roma samples. Ref. Art.: Martínez-Cruz B, [16 authors], Comas D and the Genographic Consortium (2015). Origins, admixture and founder lineages in European Roma. European Journal of Human Genetics

Effects of the Prestige oil spill, a 10-year study

The length of the time series needed to cover the entire range of variation is critical. Aragón P, Sánchez-Fernández D, Abellán P, and Varela S (2015). Effects of temporal bias on the assessment of an ecological perturbation: a case study of the Prestige oil spill. Environmental Research Letters 

New results highlight the Levant region as an important center of speciation

The study shows the occurrence of high levels of undescribed diversity within the genus. Ref. Art.: Tamar K, Carranza S, et al (2015). Hidden rela- tionships and genetic diversity: Molecular phylo- geny and phylogeography of the Levantine lizards of the genus Phoenicolacerta. Mol Phylogenet Evol. 

No major genetic factor could explain poor influenza A course

While most patients affected by the influenza A(H1N1) pandemic experienced mild symptoms, a small fraction required hospitalization. Ref. Art.: Garcia-Etxebarria K, [11 authors], Calafell F. No Major Host Genetic Risk Factor Contributed to A(H1N1) 2009 Influenza Severity. PLoS ONE


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