The Institut de Biologia Evolutiva (IBE) holds that scientific integrity and the observance of the principles of good scientific practice are essential in scientific research. 
Therefore, shortly after the foundation of the Institute in 2008, IBE took the responsibility to establish transparent procedures in case of scientific misconduct and created an internal protocol to define these procedures.
Furthermore, IBE commits to following and actively disseminating the CSIC Code of Good Scientific Practices, and the Code of Good Scientific Practice of the Barcelona Biomedical Research Park (PRBB)
Both codes include recommendations and commitments governing scientific activities that constitute a framework for self-regulation.
Finally, a cross-institute working group (the GSP group) has been established to share learning and good practice in scientific integrity among the centers of the PRBB. 
This committee is formed by Francesc Calafell and José Luis Maestro, the IBE representatives in the GSP group, and are also the contacts to go to in case of the detection of bad practices. 
To add a bit of distance, Francesc Calafell would handle any cases detected in the CMIMA section of the IBE, and Xavier Belles those involving the PRBB section. 
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Contact PRBB: [email protected]

IBE Contacts: Francesc Calafell & Jose Luis Maestro