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Our main goal is the application of phylogenetic and genomic analyses to the study of animal biodiversity and evolution, with specific interest in mammals. Using next-generation sequencing techniques and advanced bioinformatic tools, we are analyzing the population divergence and speciation process in different species complexes in order to obtain a better description of our biological diversity. We also use these modern methodologies to understand the evolutionary history of some species of great conservation importance. We are therefore working on two main research topics:
  • Population genomics and speciation
  • Conservation genomics


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Hawlitschek, O.; Toussaint, E.F.A.; Gehring, P.-S.; Ratsoavina, F.M.; Cole, N.; Crottini, A.; Nopper, J.; Lam, A.W.; Vences, M.; and Glaw, F. 2017. Gecko phylogeography in the Western Indian Ocean region: the oldest clade of Ebenavia inunguis lives on the youngest island. Journal of Biogeography 44(2):409-420

Hawlitschek, O.; Ramírez Garrido, S.; Glaw, F. 2017. How marine currents influenced the widespread natural overseas dispersal of reptiles in the Western Indian Ocean region. Journal of Biogeography [ePub ahead of print]

Hawlitschek, O.; Morinière, J.; Lehmann, G.U.C.; Lehmann, A.W.; Kropf, M.; Dunz, A.; Glaw, F.; Detcharoen, M.; Schmidt, S.; Hausmann, A.; Szucsich, N.U.; Caetano-Wyler, S.A.; and Haszprunar, G. 2017. DNA barcoding of crickets, katydids and grasshoppers (Orthoptera) from Central Europe with focus on Austria, Germany and Switzerland. Molecular Ecology Resources [ePub ahead of print]

Querejeta, M.; González-Esteban, J.; Gómez, A.; Fernández-González, A.; Aymerich, P.; Gosálbez, J.; Escoda, L.; Igea, J.; and Castresana, J. 2016. Genomic diversity and geographical structure of the Pyrenean desmanConservation Genetics

Hawlitschek, O.; Wang-Claypool, C.Y.; Scherz, M.D.; Montfort, L.; Soumille, O.; Glaw, F. 2016. New size record of the snake genus Liophidium by the island endemic L. Mayottensis (Squamata, lamprophiidae). Spixiana 39(2):287-288

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4th September, 2012. BBC News. Science and environment section: "Pyrenean desman: On the trail of Europe's weirdest beast" . Science and Environment section: "Pyrenean desman: On the trail of Europe's weirdest beast". The report describes the research carried out on the endangered Pyrenean desman (Galemys pyrenaicus), and in which IBE researcher Jose Castresana collaborates.