As its name reveals, the interests of this lab’s research are focused on the analysis of the human genome diversity with the aim of inferring the genomic and population processes that are responsible for this diversity, and outlining the population and epidemiological consequences of the human genetic variability. Its main research lines are, therefore, not only connected with human genome diversity, but also with population genetics, genome variation and disease susceptibility, and genome evolution and disease.

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Colobran, R.; Franco-Jarava, C.; Martín-Nalda, A.; Baena, N.; Gabau, E.; Padilla, N.; de la Cruz, X.; Pujol-Borrell, R.; Comas, D.; Soler-Palacín, P.; Hernández-González, M. (2016). Novel Mutations Causing C5 Deficiency in Three North-African FamiliesJournal of Clinical Immunology 36(4):338-296

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Dobon, B.; Hassan, H.Y.; Laayouni, H.; Luisi, P.; Ricaño-Ponce, I.; Zhernakova, A.; Wijmenga, C.; Tahir, H.; Comas, D.; Netea, M.G.; Bertranpetit, J. 2015. The genetics of East African populations: a Nilo-Saharan component in the African genetic landscapeScientific Reports. 5.