Principal Investigator: Carles Lalueza-Fox Principal Investigator: Carles Lalueza-Fox


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Our research group focuses on paleogenomics -the study of structure, function and organization of ancestral genomes. We are interested in different evolutionary problems that can be answered with ancient DNA data, involving human evolution, population dynamics and diversity, as well as adaptive processes and past migrations. We work on Neanderthal remains from the site of El Sidrón in Asturias (Spain). We are also investigating the evolutionary dynamics of the prehistory of Europe through the analysis of Mesolithic, Neolithic, Copper and Bronze Age human genomes. We are also interested in the history of pathogens, and we are currently studying ancient malaria in Europe.


Neandertal genomic diversity

We are working on the remains from the El Sidrón site in Asturias, Spain. This is a family group of at least 13 Neandertal individuals that became accidentally accumulated in a single, synchronic event within a subterranean karstic system. El Sidrón offers the unique opportunity of launching for understanding the behaviour, diversity and kinship relationships within a contemporaneous Neandertal social group.


European prehistory

We are interested in reconstructing the main cultural horizons and evolutionary shifts of European prehistory by analysing past human genomes from different periods, including the Mesolithic-Neolithic transition and later periods such as the Copper and Bronze Age. We are also analysing Bell-Beaker Iberian samples for reconstructing the dynamics and nature of the expansion of the archaeological horizon and its role in the shaping of modern European genetic diversity. In addition, we are analysing ancient samples from different periods to create an Iberian genomic transect.


Ancient pathogens

We are reconstructing the adaptive effect of the eradicated malaria pathogens in Europe. We have retrieved Plasmodium DNA from antique microscopy slides from the Ebro Delta and we are planning to analyse also ancient human remains with potential signs of malaria.


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DOI: 10.1126/science.aan6463

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21st March 2018: Los sapiens tuvieron al menos dos veces sexo con los misteriosos denisovanos, La Vanguardia, with comments of Carles Lalueza-Fox, principal investigator at IBE

October 2017. EFE futuroLa nueva ciencia de los genomas antiguos, article by Carles Lalueza-Fox, principal investigator of the IBE.