Two IBE papers highlighted at Nature Communications webpage

Two IBE papers highlighted at Nature Communications webpage




This week two papers by IBE researchers share a spot at the editors’ highlights at Nature Communications webpage.

The first pick features Selective single molecule sequencing and assembly of a human Y chromosome of African origin, by Tomàs Marquès Bonet (IBE) and Oscar Fornàs (CNAG-CRG), which developed a novel approach to sequence DNA on a nanopore sequencing device.

As for the second highlighted paper, Jaume Bertranpetit (IBE) and Òscar Lao (CNAG-CRG) with Mayukh Mondal at uni of Tartu publish their latest work, identifying the footprint of a new hominid who cross bred with its ancestors tens of thousands of years ago. The article is entitled Approximate Bayesian computation with deep learning supports a third archaic introgression in Asia and Oceania.

Both articles were picked by Lin Tang, editor of the Genomes and Epigenomes Highlights section. Nature Communications Editors’ Highlights page provides a snapshot of some of the most exciting work published in the selected research areas at Nature Communications.





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