The IBE International Scientific Advisory Board is composed by 7 scientific experts with International recognition in the Evolutionary Biology field. Its main task will be to help the IBE in the definition of new research lines and strategies and in the best ways to recruit talent and widen the scientific strength of the Institute.


Gonzalo Giribet (chairman) (US) 

Harvard University

Puri López-García (France) 

Université Paris-Sud/Paris-Saclay

Stuart Reynolds (UK) 

University of Bath

Juli Peretó (Spain) 

Institut de Biologia Integrativa de Sistemes (I2SysBio), Universitat de València – CSIC 

Janet Kelso (Germany) 

Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology (Leipzig)  

Tom Gilbert (Denmark) 

University of Copenhagen

Emma Teeling (Ireland) 

University College Dublin