The IBE sustainability committee was formally created in 2022 to promote sustainability in Research with the appointment of Judit Salces as an institutional representative and Victoria Shabardina, as a member of Grass Roots Sustainable initiatives, a joint initiative for PRBB members that work for a more sustainable environment in Barcelona. The IBE formally participates both in the “PRBB sustainability group” and the “CMIMA building sustainability group”, where initiatives are shared and promoted among different centers and Institutes.

So far, the group has achieved several implementations to improve IBE's sustainability:

  • All common ULT freezers of the CMIMA building have modified their temperature from -80ºC to -70ºC, achieving a significant reduction of IBE’s carbon footprint and energy consumption.
  • Implementing a Guide for Sustainable Caterings. Find it here.
  • The committee has also reached an agreement with three local restaurants for the clients to bring their cups and Tupperware to take away orders. At Beltran, Delicamon, and La Guingueta you are encouraged to bring your food supplies for the takeaway orders and reduce waste.

Looking out for the future, the committee has also established several goals for the coming years:

  • Sustainable options at the CMIMA vending machines of the building to achieve a greater variety of sustainable, vegan, and healthy food products.
  • Coffee machines with a “no-cup” option, an initiative to reduce the everyday waste of the institute.
  • Improve the microclimate environment for the people and city ecology by establishing more plants in the precincts of the PRBB/CMIMA buildings.

The Committee is currently on the lookout for new members so feel welcome to contact Judit Salces and Victoria Sabhardina, the IBE’s representative at PRBB Sustainability Committee. The committee also encourages the participation of IBE members at Grass Roots.