Back A glimpse into the future building of the IBE at "Mercat del Peix"

A glimpse into the future building of the IBE at "Mercat del Peix"

The executive project for the new headquarters of the Institute of Evolutionary Biology (CSIC-UPF) at "Mercat del Peix" has begun, and the first images of the future building are being generated.

The leadership and management team of the centre are working to ensure that the new building, in addition to being functional, is environmentally friendly, contributes positively to sustainable research development, promotes communication and well-being within the community, and adds value to the city.


Imatge inicial

In July 2023, the basic project for the IBE and UPF buildings at "Mercat del Peix" was completed. Architects from ZFG Arquitects, MIRAG, and Double Twist are now beginning to work on the executive project that will define the interior design and all the facilities of the new research building. During this phase, the first images of what the future facilities of the new complex will look like are starting to be generated.

This complex will bring together research centres from BIST, UPF, and IBE, accommodating more than 1,200 people dedicated to research and its support. The building will have an open and transparent structure that promotes the interaction of research with the public and emphasizes energy efficiency, the central pillars of this project.

Site overview. Credit to ZFG, Double Twist and Mirag.

The complex will be part of the "La Ciutadella del Coneixement" project and is located in the Ciutat Vella district, bordering the Barcelona Zoo and Pompeu Fabra University in an area that will become one of the main knowledge hubs in Europe.

A building project by the IBE with a team behind it

Every week, the management team at IBE participates in several working committees to advance the development of the construction project for the new headquarters of IBE. Director Salvador Carranza and Manager Anna Pérez regularly attend the "Mercat del Peix" monitoring committee, where representatives from all the promoters of "Mercat del Peix" are present: UPF, BIST, and IBE (CSIC-UPF). "In these meetings, we review the status of all matters related to the construction projects of the three buildings in 'Mercat del Peix,' including the schedule, urban planning project, permits, project monitoring, and so on," comments Anna Pérez.

Additionally, they also take part in regular meetings with the architecture team from ZGF, Mirag, and Double Twist, as well as the promoters of the construction process from UPF and CSIC, to share the status of the architectural project. "In general, we oversee the proper progression of the IBE building project," adds Perez. IBE's communication chief, Pilar Rodríguez, participates in periodic meetings with the project dissemination team alongside representatives from UPF and BIST. "In the committee, I work as the IBE's representative to coordinate collaborative efforts that promote visibility for the 'Mercat del Peix' construction project."


Anna Pérez, manager of IBE (CSIC-UPF) and a participant in the working teams for the construction project of the new headquarters at "Mercat del Peix."

The new headquarters of IBE: openness and sustainability

Site overview. Credit to ZFG, Double Twist and Mirag.

 Visibility of research is crucial in the architectural project of the IBE and UPF buildings, which feature glass structures and a design that facilitates openness to the general public. Surrounded by a landscaped area, the two interconnected buildings are designed to promote interaction with the public. Spaces dedicated to scientific outreach have been designed, such as the Demonstration Laboratory located on the first floor of the building to welcome school visits and conduct workshops.

Inside of the IBE building. Credit to ZFG, Double Twist and Mirag.

The openness of the complex is also intended to share research and facilitate workflow between different departments. IBE's laboratories will share common spaces and have meeting points to foster collaboration in research, including the different centers.

Designed to minimize ecological impact, the new IBE building incorporates curtains made from sustainable materials that reduce heat entry during summer and harness light and warmth during winter. In particular, efforts are being made to ensure that the building meets the high sustainability standards of the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) platinum certification.

West view of IBE Building. Credit to ZFG, Double Twist and Mirag.

"It will be an infrastructure fully aligned with the campus's commitment to planetary well-being, enabling us to conduct cutting-edge research in evolutionary biology while ensuring the well-being of the research community, the public, and the environment," concludes Perez.

The executive project is expected to be completed by December 2023, with construction work continuing to ensure the opening of the new IBE building in 2026.


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