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11F: "We Were There Too"

The Institute of Evolutionary Biology (IBE, CSIC-UPF) is launching the social media campaign "We Were There Too" to mark the occasion of the International Day of Women and Girls in Science. The initiative, led by the IBE Communication and Outreach Unit and the IBE Diversity Committee, is aimed at reporting the underrepresentation of women in the imaginary of human evolution. 

The campaign adds up to the organized training session on "Inclusive and non-sexist language" with Almena Cooperativa Feminista for all the IBE community.

Also between the #11F and #8M (International Day of Women) IBE researchers will visit schools to share with them their personal experience as scientists and their current research.




#We Were There Too

Although the success of our species can only be explained from an inclusive perspective, women have been systematically underrepresented in the imaginary of human evolution

On the one hand, many fundamental activities for human survival, like labour, lactation, hunting and gathering or transmission of knowledge, have not left any fossil record and thus have been ignored. On the other hand, the human activities that have left fossil evidence have often been attributed to men by default.

Join the conversation to claim for more non-stereotypical representations of human history and evolution, as women were there too.


Inclusive and non-sexual language training

This year, the IBE Communication Unit in coordination with the Diversity Committee have worked on an external campaign and an internal training session on inclusive and non-sexist language. The training will be celebrated via zoom and in Spanish on the 10th February at 11-13h. 

During the 2-hour training, Montserrat Beltran from Almena Cooperativa Feminista will introduce the IBE community to the use of inclusive language. Many of the examples used, as well as the situations analysed, will be taken from the field of evolutionary biology.

Image by John Anvik via Unsplash. 


Visiting schools: women in evolution

Between the #11F and #8M (International Day of Women) IBE researchers will also visit schools to share with them their personal experience as scientists and their current research.

Thanks to Gemma Isabel Martinez from Metazoa Phylogenomics Lab, Laura Vilà from Human Genome Diversity Lab, Alex Brumwell and Marina Álvarez from Comparative Genomics Lab this year we will reach tens of students from primary and secondary school.

With the collaboration of the Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology - Ministry of Science and Innovation.






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